The Deepening Hole

by the DRX

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released November 8, 2011

All music and lyrics by Dan Romans
Recorded by Colin Marston at The Thousand Caves
and Jon Grabowski at the Lawrence Music Clubhouse
Mixed and mastered by Colin Marston
Cover illustration by Carlysle Johnson

Rolando Alvarado - electric bass
Dean Capper - cello / electric cello
Kevin Conway - electric guitar
Sarah Fylak - violin
Jon Grabowski - trombone / voice
Dave Randall - melodica
Dan Romans - drum set / keyboard / voice



all rights reserved


the DRX Brooklyn, New York

Heart-Crushing Avant-Rock

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Track Name: Love Has Lost the Meaning it Once Had
Hold on to memories of ecstasy
A gentle soul that's shivering
A fragile heart that breaks
Defeatist ignorance urging to erase
The possibility of someone to embrace

Nothing seems the way it used to be
I've heard that phrase a million times but still...
It strikes a chord with my desperate escape from solidarity
Living lust
Leading to remise

Love has lost the meaning it once had
What's her face, pleasing, content
I won't believe it
I'll never mean it

No one is good enough to make the feeling last
All thrill is gone
The moment passed

Now what?
There's little truth in new romance
Recurring doubts of vain attempts to recreate the past
Exclusive jaded vulnerability
Consider it accepted that love has lost the meaning it once had
Track Name: The Deepening Hole
When I was younger I had a dream
Standing on a stage, hot lights gleamed
Naked and sweating, caught in the glare
Full audience and yet no one seemed there

I used a scalpel, slow and steady
Cutting through my skin, carefully
Dropping the handfuls ripped off of me
Organs and flesh piled next to my feet

Barren and exposed, I've been drifting
Lost without fostered nurturing
Left on my own I will refuse self-help
Left on my own I will destroy myself

I need the comfort I've been without
Longing for past times, less the doubt
Blessed with camaraderie, poised to succeed
Destined compassionate beautiful three

Now I'm alone, I've lost my head
Down to the bone, I'm sick with dread
Give me the soul to get around
The deepening hole I'm staring down
Track Name: Episode V
As time passes by, growing urge to die
Consumed by a grim self-inflicted fear

Tempted to give in, let anger command
Ruining my heart, ruining my head

Sickness floods the mind,forfeit all control
I can feel my brain turning on itself

Using brutal force, crushing things I loved
Disengaging me, turning me to hate

Self-inflicted fear, consuming anger
Seeded hate in darkness, abandon all hope
It's my destiny

Darkness moving me
Reinforcing my strength
To choke, to kill
To blasphemize
To commit spiritual suicide