by the DRX



released September 1, 2011

All music and lyrics by Dan Romans
Recorded live in Boston | MAY 2009
Mastered by Zach Lipkins
Cover illustration by Carlysle Johnson

Dean Capper - electric cello
Ryan Hare - electric guitar / voice
Dan Romans - drum set / voice
Dan Stevens - electric bass / voice



all rights reserved


the DRX Brooklyn, New York

Heart-Crushing Avant-Rock

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Track Name: Red Carpet Burn
Faulty smiles all around
Look nice for the camera
Who can tell?
Get to your seat and the lights go down

Attention is drawn away
From a sad display and to the stage
Speeches and glamour to hide these fools
I am confused by red carpet burn

Much better things to do
Than what you could and how you should
Stop acting like some celebrity

The press has caught you well
But we all have different sides to show
Do not see the scars from the blood and pus
All scratched up by red carpet burn

Burns on me—do I know you?
Dragging me—on this carpet
Anthony—are you Gary?

I am realizing now
There is something going on
But still
Why do I feel like I never knew who you were?
Track Name: Bird Hands
Cut off both your hands with someone to assist
Get a needle and some thread and sew them at the wrists

Spread your hands out wide and hold the fingers tight
You best make sure to cross the thumbs and have a steady flight

Get yourself some glue and lay it on real good
Take some feathers stick 'em on and walk out to the woods

Find a real tall tree and climb up really high
Throw your bird you made with hands and clap up in the sky
Track Name: Gary Hopkins
A hostage in Hollywood?
Grand scheme/change scene
Loved and left by a doppelgänger
prolific career abandoned to father me
Sort of

Frederick Treves?
The press has caught you well
Who is the real deal?
Who shares my DNA?

Ten dollars and twenty rows away
Is that you and did you choose to stay?
Will one of you fess up?
Come on, you are just as much to blame
Bright silver/giant screen
Silver screen will not hide your shame
I am not a fool

You might as well push my face against the ground
Stop staring
Yes, it is carpet burn
I guess I am over it now
but I wish I didn't love your movies

Will one of you fess up?
Cut the speeches and glamour
I am not a fool
I am confused

I watch your films and wonder—did you bring me to this world?
Look nice for the camera—but how with all these burns?
From dragging me on this carpet
To receive your awards for a life led playing roles instead of leading me