Throughout Within

by the DRX

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released December 30, 2016

All music and lyrics by Dan Romans
Recorded by Tyler Hartman in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Roselle
and Jon Grabowski in Boston and Schroon
Mixed by Tyler Hartman with Dan Romans
Mastered by Carl Saff
Cover illustration by Nico Mazza

Dan Romans – drum set / keyboard / synth bass / voice / sound design
Ryan Hare – electric guitar
Ed Rosenberg III – tenor saxophone / bass saxophone / clarinet
Tim Byrnes – trumpet / flugelhorn
Sarah Fylak – violin
Marie Kim – cello
Dean Capper – electric cello
Emily Peal – voice
Michelle Silver – voice
Choir – Arone Dyer, Emily Peal, Michelle Silver, Chuck Stern, Dan Romans
Gang vocals – Ron Varod, Ryan Hare, Chuck Stern, Dan Romans



all rights reserved


the DRX Brooklyn, New York

Heart-Crushing Avant-Rock

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Track Name: Monsters Wearing Nice Ties
Now go to school to achieve
Borrow money
Have a dream
Show some pride, work hard and take heed
You'll soar with this degree

Now get a job
Wear a tie
Earn some money
Learn to lie
Keep staff comping
Gain wage
Climb the ladder as you age

Now buy a house
To display your stability and pay
Watch your bold amended shelter lie vacant most of the day

Now watch TV
Slate routine
Spend some money
Live the dream
Dull your thoughts
Hold your breath
Produce and consume until death

Life of fruitless service
Life of obedience
Life of constant earning
Constant burning
Constant yearning

And so here we are
Face first in the pleasing lure of modern comforts
To be fulfilled
To be content
To feel like more than slaves

We are oppressed and gently pacified
We are deceived
Adeptly mystified
Our greatest truths are owned by monsters wearing nice ties
Track Name: Ancient Lie
Masses remain in shame

Reform dismissed in vain

Clutching the veil between our eyes and...

Accept the crooked bond
Accept the rotten guise
Repress the open mind to believe the ancient lie
Track Name: Rotting Swale
I'm fine right here
Please just leave me be
Don't show this scene
I don't want to see

Oh please just let me stay blind
Tell me it's alright
Let me stay blind
Gently pacified

And this I know behind my vapid smile
And this I know within my vacant mind
And this I know
The bane held deep inside
A rotting swale of fear
Track Name: The End of Avoiding Consequence
Home synthetic home
Wasteful luxury
Tainted soil 
Sullied sea
Recognize disease

Culture of denial
Rampant ignorance
Generations of inbred insolence

Resources are gone
Currency is dead
Hardship falls
Disorder spreads
Recognize demise

Hungry, sick and lost
Violence is means
Dignity withheld as we maim and thieve

There is no hope for savior
This is the end of avoiding consequence

Failure to be all as one
Now divided, disgraced and destroyed
Humbled by our fragility and fatality
Track Name: As Is to Death
To see no worth in others and yet to feel in common too
All so sick and confused as to why we are here and what we should do

Apathy is our chosen plague
Blind to love and numb to pain
Only moved and seduced by the brutal promotion of commerce and fame

Vanity, stress and depression
This is what I see and know
Tears cascade down my face and I choke as my weak heart fills my throat

Individual shadowed by wholesome cosmic majesty
Surrender to the unknown and dissolve
Atoms to be

Harmonious being is to believe
Pervasive entropy is to be seen
Life and shame inherently bound
As is to death, relief

Over the edge
Calm and ready to let go
Track Name: Eyes of Myself
An eclipse of compassion by misanthropic obsession
Extroverted disdain acted to conceal grave introverted disgust

Anger and pain concomitant with insecure delusion
Blame and judgement held with intent
Subtle abuse to relieve the crushing internal throes

Prisoner of negative thought
Silently scarred and brooding
Mind divided by the imposing guilt of reflection

All relation lacking wellness and suppressed by agony
Misery haunts all as the self is harrowed by paranoia, dread and melancholy

All the comfort I crave
All the shame I display
Fills my heart with sorrow
Mind with contempt
Eyes with hatred

Hands reached out and beating
Cut up on the silver glass
Fingers bent and bleeding
Grasping at the hating eyes of myself
Track Name: Trichotomy—I: Suffering Portal
Dwell in the past, full control
Self contained, justified
Future obsessed, the escape
Illusion perpetuates

Identified, conflicted
Masochist in denial
As ego thrives, true self wanes
Suffering that is the mind

Temporal thing, mortal mass
Pleasure craved, pain engaged
Reality of senses
These confines distort belief

A vessel for connection
Energy animates
A passage to awareness
The portal of the body
Track Name: Trichotomy—II: Throughout Within
Without a form, without need
Ambient wholesome core
Eternal grace, surrender
Promise kept by the spirit

The truth throughout is known within
Track Name: Trichotomy—III: Concentric Beauty
And so here we are in dysfunction
Slaves to our minds
Fragments in time
All without life
Torn from the divine

Trichotomy, of which a wisdom sees 
Is all
Is simply to be
Peace and stillness
Loving oneness
Resonating concentric beauty